time flies and a LOT happened

since i haven’t posted an entry for such a long time, i want to make this one in a special way: the key events illustrated with more pictures, less text and more fun. let’s go! Model United Nations Day some weeks ago, a group of students in the MUN Creativity organised our school’s first ever […]


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highlights of the last weeks

it has been quite some time since i have written a blogpost and i must say A LOT happened since then. as always, UWC life is quite dense and eventful; so i will only highlight and outline some of the things that happened. firstly, the german selection weekends for UWC applicants were held and now […]

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Long time no see, 2nd term here we go

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR everyone! ❤

hellooo! i really feel i have neglected this blog for the last month, but oh well, you’re just gonna get a load of pictures and stories this entry.

so, the last weeks before winter break were heavily stressful: assignment deadlines, our first “block week” full of exams and more. i believe it was a stressful and strengthening experience and time for me. i discovered my weaknesses and i found a way to succeed in keeping myself “happy” anyway. in addition to the academic happenings, we had some christmas events (a party organised by our catering team and also a christmas dinner). Here’s two pictures of those events:

10247462_1007252612621667_2734702413309426492_n 10408632_1007252629288332_7758439698169634449_n


the thursday before the break my acapella group also had another performance. we were invited to sing at the opening of an exhibition of archaeological findings in the Kartaus in the historical museum of the city of Freiburg. we were honoured and quite happy to be there and i must say that, even though we didn’t make it easy for us with the song choices, we did quite well. 😉 here’s a picture of us in that event:

performance AGAIN

after my exams were done and i practically didn’t have anything crucial to do anymore, i have to admit i did not really want to leave campus. not seeing my lovely co-years (meaning my friends and family) for three weeks, having all-night conversations, global affairs… but my feelings were mixed about leaving: OF COURSE! i did want to meet my parents, friends and family again and being able to spend christmas at home is just wonderful. celebrating christmas with my mother, with my father, my step-mother and siblings, seeing my grandparents, all of that was really nice and homely. other than that, i met friends (sleepovers and “pretty little liars” YAAAAA) and (admittedly) spent a lot of time sleeping and reading. i went to the “Hessisches Landesmuseum”, the “Senckenbergmuseum” in Frankfurt and generally did things i don’t usually find the time for in UWC. 😉 i also went to a “Solidaritätsbekundung” for the happenings in Paris in my hometown and had quite a lot of discussions on that topic, too. (i was really looking forward to continuing these discussions and hearing more viewpoints)

Eva Charlie Hebdo 10937614_705902549507330_2068322766_nIMG_2880

coming back was crazy! it really felt like going “home”, coming from “home”. seeing my friends again, i had missed them BADLY, being in my own little corner again, unpacking, being virtually self-responsible again, and admittedly going back to schoool. 😉 my “resolution” for this term are being more positive, talking to people i haven’t talked to as much yet and generally being more happy. it really worked, my mindchange has influenced a lot of things, from tiredness, to being (even) more open with others, to efficiency with homework/… all in all, it was/ is GREAT being back! ❤ 😀 we already had some quite interesting evnts this week, such as a Global Affairs session on agricultural concepts or an open discussion round on the political events in 2015. i especially enjoyed the discussion, for it was thought-provoking and satisfying to openly talk about viewpoints and discuss.

ChalieHebdo discussion


in addition to school and enthusiastically greeting everyone again and again, we were also able to change/ add Creativity and Action CAS (because Service goes for one year). since i love my Yoga CAS and really enjoy Film Club, i decided to learn Ukulele in addition. and i LOVE it. i have blisters on my finger and they really hurt, but this is exactly what i needed to balance the academic programme. also, we did something special in Theatre class on wednesday: we made our own masks out of plaster and even though it was a mess, it was really enjoyable. (more pictures will come as soon as I’m done with modifying it until it fits the ideal “Ancient Greek Comedy mask”).

Theatre dreamteam Theatre Grinsebacken Theatre Plaster 10922548_862020143864829_1685370893759183917_n

this weekend was a special weekend. not only because i had “school” on saturday because of BaWü school restrictions, but also because my freind came to visit me. accompanying me to class, watching iron sky, talking and catching up on everything, drinking tea, going for lunch in an Italian reataurant called “La Piazza” (Uh-mazing!) and having the best cocoa ever in a magnifiicent café. it was incredibly nice to see her again, to see her get along with my new friends and co-years extraordinarily well and i want to thank her for everything! ❤ ❤ ❤ (if you read this, you’re awesome! love you 🙂 )

coucou KAKAO LaPiazza mit Käte10394564_705208349576750_4440722781424663035_n


ok, i guess this is it for this extraordinarily long and colourful blogpost. see you soon and rock on! ❤ 😀

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all at once

i know i haven’t been on this blog for quite a long time and i seriously have no idea what to say; everything’s been all over the place. i won’t even try to give a summary of what’s happened since my last entry, because i both cannot remember and it would probably not fit this […]

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movies, hair, home?

sooo, this was it. the first week of school after project week. i feel really accomplished somehow; i finished everything that’s due tomorrow and i feel i really powered through this week without compromising thaaaat much of socialising etc. i talked to people i wouldn’t usually be talking to, i was prepared for all tests i took and i spent some really nice time with friends.

for example, last sunday: i helped my co-year from kenya take out her braids (all african girls took them out, so it’s afro-time on campus right now, i love it, it’s so cool and beautiful!). i must say, it was hard work! 😉 but i actually got better at it, so if anyone ever needs help… 😉

Taking out hair?
Zimbabwe, Germany and Armenia taking out Kenya’s hair! 🙂 Taking out hair?

also special about this week were two movies. “Das Leben der Anderen” (http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/Fernsehfilme-im-Ersten/Das-Leben-der-Anderen/Das-Erste/Video?documentId=24531376&bcastId=1933898) and “Nelson Mandela: Long walk to freedom” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2304771/).

having joined the film club on thusdays as my creative cas, we watched “Das Leben der Anderen”, a movie about Stasi and the partition of Germany because of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. i went there with some of my “east-German” co-years and it was a really touching, scary, yet interesting experience. before coming here, i didn’t really feel like there still was a mental barrier between “ossi” and “wessi”, but in some German’s minds, it still does live on. stereotypes still do exist, no matter how long ago it was.

in general, i must say that already my 2-3 months here have really influenced how i feel about my national identity. not really having felt german in any way before coming here is turning into feeling at home in Germany, feeling the strong connection to what’s happened and my responsibility to turn that right. this experience is truly fascinating for me and i am very excited how my (national) identity will have changed after these two years.

the other film we watched was about Nelson Mandela: some students gathered yesterday evening in the auditorium to watch it. i went there, knowing something, but honestly not being amazingly well informed about South Africa’s fight for freedom and i was shocked. in my opinion, the film was very well made and even though it was hard watching all the violence ( i have never felt as pacifistic) and crying over 75% of it (my friends know what i#m talking about), i loved it. however, it really was shocking to see how near these events still are. the dates in the film were so scaringly close to my birth year! when thinking how much cruelty there still is in the world today, while i am on it, is revolting. no wonder i always fell so depressingly helpless when watching the news…

having watched these films, i have come to realise how much i actually appreciate good films. how much they can do for understanding and feeling; how much they can move people. i  think the film club is exactly the right thing for me; reflecting, watching and discussing films: who knows, maybe i’ll be a director one day! 😉

another thing i realised this week was how much i actually do. not because i am always raising my hand when it comes to participating in new activities (sometimes, but it’s my clear objective to not overpower myself), but because it’s actually given as mandatory by the school: yoga twice per week, dancing once, film club, Johannisheim (elderly home), village meetings, global affairs, tourguiding, let alone school. my agenda is so full, i think i have now really come to understand how the “you have sleep, study and socialise; choose 2”- thing works. anyway, i love what i am doing and i know this is exactly what i am supposed to be doing!

hugs, kisses and positive vibes after a week of approximately 20h+ of homework,


(objective for next week: continue the hardworking homework routine, sleep enough and TALK! 😉 )

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coming home & project week “summary”

heeey, i hope everyone is fine because i certainly am. even though i missed a lot of people from campus and i was really looking forward to “coming come” to my “room” on campus, i didn’t think i would be THIS happy to come back. all of my group was screaming when heaving our suitcases up the hill yesterday: “we are coming hooome”, i jumped at my co-years who had already arrived and i cannot remember sleeping as well as i did this night.

all in all, our project week was a nice change. even though it didn’t necessarily have a “real” project (,we just met with Jürgen Oser, the founder of the cross-border-cooperation “TRION”, once), we had a nice time, exploring strasbourg and french culture and cuisine. we got to know each other better, i talked to people i wouldn’t normally often “really” talk to, i believe i have made some new friends and i really do think i have also got to know myself a little better. the past days bore some revelations for me, concerning what is important for me and in my life. i have come to realise the importance of appreciation, i realised how much i actually like living in germany even though our apartment in france was just 4 km away from the german border and i realised how much of a home the campus and how much of a family my friends here have already become. we had a great time and i will not forget our trips, our inside jokes or the funny vines or videos we have watched together, i love you guys: THANK YOU! you are supergeiler fixer-upper, jaaa! 😉 here is a youtube video my dear celine made, with pictures, video clips and lots of love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf84R0xV-kI

having arrived back on campus, i have a lot to do again even though this long weekend is supposed to be some kind of a term break. today, i thouroughly cleaned my room, unpacked, did a massive amount of laundry and should REALLY start with my written assessment for english, but maybe i’ll just procrastinate a little more.. 🙂

here are some more pictures we took during our project week,

10711520_662847393812846_894534910_n10585483_662847457146173_651096774_n10735912_879745945398819_1804337922_n10736117_662847413812844_1069788505_n10745114_736488653112515_869557858_n10744584_662847490479503_1756573911_n 10744722_1497741163846260_1532395126_n (1)10748749_662847683812817_1104954624_n10751910_662847547146164_719413356_n644375_834372416607502_4008336338443604186_n1505298_665295723568013_5902652613570533909_n10609438_739533566141357_941729524748550900_n1510831_883682735005140_6321525702676419701_n

lots of love,


my objectives for next week (/next term): always do homework the day i get it, talk to everyone everytime, listen more, knowing my limits and work on moving them and more, LET’S GO!

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Celine @johannagoesuwc

Hey y’all, this is my first Blogpost ever, so it might be a bit messy. I am really glad to be at my VERY FIRST PROJECT WEEK in Strasbourg. After two months of school, opening ceremonies, CAS and first assignments, it feels really good to just break out your everyday routine. I am surprised how […]

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